The True English Monarch

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The True English Monarch



Recently Dr. Michael Jones a leading historian of the medieval period has claimed that he has found written evidence that the English line of succession descended from the Norman Kings in England is false.

Despite the embarrassment and poor role modelling shown by the present incumbents, this is no fringe claim made by a ne'r-do-well republican intent on bringing down the present monarchy. Despite the accepted line of succession being broken in the male line from James I, Charles I & II to William II & Mary of Orange and again by the accession of the Hanoverian, George I, the line has been essentially unchallenged until now.*

* Mary of Orange was a grand-daughter to James I and George I was a great grandson of James I through James's daughter and grand-daughter. The name James is the Scottish variant on the Irish name Seamus.


Jones who has been working with Channel 4 in England has put forward his reasons for this claim. The claim centres around his evidence that Edward IV, of the House of York, was illegitimate.

                 King  Edward III
               Edmund Plantagenet Duke of York
              Richard Plantagenet Earl of Cambridge
 Richard Plantagenet Duke of York========Cecily Neville--------?-------Blaybourne 

       |                                                                |                                               |
King Edward IV Plantagenet          George Plantagenet              Richard III Plantagenet
       [r. 1461-1483]                                 Duke of Clarence
                    |                                                   |

Accepted line of succession Newly claimed line of succession
Edward V Margaret Plantagenet Countess of  Warwick & Salisbury*
Richard III Henry Pole, 1st Lord Montague
Henry VII Catherine Pole+ 
 Francis Hastings 2nd Earl of Huntingdon
Henry VIII Henry Hastings 3rd Earl Huntingdon
Edward VI George Hastings 4th Earl of Huntingdon Grand Master of the Freemasons 1588-1603.
Jane Ferdinando Hastings 6th Earl Huntingdon
Mary I Theophilus Hastings 7th Earl of Huntingdon
James I Grandmaster of the Freemasons 1603. George Hastings 8th Earl of Huntingdon
Charles I Theophilus Hastings 9th Earl of Huntingdon
Charles II Francis Hastings 10th Earl of Huntingdon
James II Elizabeth Hastings [10th earl's sister] + John Rawdon Earl of Moira Deputy Grandmaster to the Freemasons
William & Mary Francis Rawdon-Hastings# Earl of Moira, cr. Marques of Hastings
Anne George Rawdon-Hastings+ 
 8th Earl of Loudon, Lord Hastings and Moira
George I Henry Rawdon-Hastings
 9th Earl of Loudon, Lord Hastings and Moira. Brought the family near to bankruptcy
George II Edith Maud Abney-Hastings, Countess of Loudon [sister to 9th earl Loudon]
George III Charles Clifton [Abney-Hastings] 11th Earl of Loudon
George IV The Late Lady Barbara Huddlestone [Abney-Hastings], 13th Countess of Loudon former resid. Ashby, Leics.
William IV

Michael Lord [Abney-Hastings] 14th Earl of Loudon formerly Lord Mauchline b. 1942.

Resident of Jerilderie, N.S.W. Australia.

Edward VII  
George V++  
Edward VIII abdicated  
George VI who was the Grand Master of United Grand Lodge married Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.  
Elizabeth II + Philip  


* In her old age Margaret Plantagenet, Countess of Warwick and Salisbury , the last of the Plantagenet line, was chased around the White Tower by Henry VIII's axe-man until she was beheaded.

# Francis Lord Rawdon-Hastings of Moira was a Deputy Grand Master of the Freemasons for 23 years to the Grandmaster, Prince of Wales [1790] later King George IV [1762-1830], son of George III.

known to be a Freemason, one might enter the world of the Freemasons here.1

+ The name Rawdon-Hastings was replaced by Hastings.

++ George V broadcast a personal radio message to the nation on Christmas day 1932, a tradition which has continued every year since then, the script was written by the author Rudyard Kipling a Freemason.



Dr. Jones concluded that the person who has the rightful claim to the English throne as King of England is none other than Michael Lord Abney-Hastings who was born in Britain in 1942. He moved to a 2400 ha. farm near Jerilderie, Southern New South Wales, Australia in his teens where he has resided ever since. 'King Michael' seemed surprised when a crew from Channel 4 arrived on his doorstep but seems to be taking it all in good humour.

In the past, it is alleged, that it has not been uncommon to send or encourage physically strong peripheral royals and titled gentlemen to the far flung corners of the former British Empire. One such organisation was the Big Brother Movement where boys and men of good British stock migrated to Australia. "There are newspaper cuttings regarding the arrival of a young peer, Lord Mauchlin (Michael Abney-Hastings), under the scheme, and the arrival around the same time of the 100th post-war party of Little Brothers". Many large land owners in the Southern Uplands of N.S.W. [pers. obs.] may owe their origins to these migrants or have intermarried with well-to-do English ladies and their children who, through inheritance, are large landowners today.



The Evidence

Jones' evidence centres around a document located in Rouen Cathedral, Seine Martime, France. This document, Jones claims, shows that Edward the IV's parents at the time of his conception were 160 kilometres apart and that through a liaison of Lady Cecily Neville's she produced a natural son born officially on the 28th April 1442 at Rouen.

"Edward's 'father', Richard Duke of York, was fighting the French at Pontoise, near Paris, while Edward's mother, Lady Cicely Neville - based at Rouen - was apparently deeply engrossed in the company of a local archer. In the five-week period when conception could have taken place, Edward's royal father was a good five days' march away. The court was rife with whispers of an affair. King Louis XI of France is recorded as shouting about Edward: "His name is not King Edward - everybody knows his name is Blaybourne!' (the surname of the French archer). A concerted campaign was launched by the family, hoping to stifle such rumours. The royal flaks even suggested that conception had taken place at Hatfield Chase, South Yorkshire in May 1440 before the royal parents set sail for France, an 11-month pregnancy!"5

Modern historians generally agree that Edward IV was born at Rouen on the 28th April 1442.2,3 where he was christened in a side chapel of the cathedral. George his brother, by contrast, was christened in the main part of Rouen Cathedral. It is George who according to the alternative line of succession was the rightful inheritor of the kingship.


Edward IV Plantagenet is described2 as being six feet tall, it has been suggested that his height came from his mother. At first he was outstandingly handsome and clean-shaven with straight brown hair worn long, he was always interested in social life, 'a party goer'. He was a sound, ruthless soldier, competent financial manager and showed an interest in disseminating knowledge. In time he became gluttonous and obese. Edward married a commoner, Elizabeth Woodville, the daughter of a knight and this caused controversy with Warwick The King-Maker and the nobility who briefly deposed him. His dissolute sexual practices eventually diseased him and he died of a 'surfeit' [an over indulgence of eating and drinking]. Among his mistresses were Jane Shore, the lady of the Robin Hood ballads, and Elizabeth Lacy.3 Following Edward's death Jane Shore became the mistress of Thomas Grey and then William Hastings.


As such then, Jones is pinning his hopes on the fact, that as he sees it, Edward IV was the product of the Neville line and a person who Jones has identified as a French archer. If this is correct then the presently accepted line of succession is based upon a Frenchman! Sacre bleu! Shades of William the Conqueror and the Angevin Empire. No wonder Elizabeth I referred to the French as frogs.4 All hail King Michael!

The Channel 4 programme went to air in Britain in the first week of January 2004, those of us who listened to the evidence find it credible if lacking strong support, the doubt is there. Antagonists to the alternative line point out that it would have been logistically possible for Richard Duke of York to have returned briefly from battle to Rouen.



Another Branch

Having made a study of the intricacies of the Hastings family tree branches myself I can also see that at least one other member of the Hastings living could be in line for a spot of Royal service.

This is a gentleman named Captain Peter Robin Hood Hastings Bass. Captain Peter Bass has recently been in the news for disclaiming any relationship to our hero Robin Hood. There is no doubt that he is a descendant of the 1st Earl [in the Hastings line] of Huntingdon recreated in George Hastings by that Welsh descendant, Henry VIII Tudor. This relationship to Munday's play Robin Hood Earl of Huntington supposedly caused a number of the Hastings family members to name their offspring with allusions of descendancy from that of 'Robin Hood'.


From research I have carried out, Captain Peter is not quite correct in his public denials. One of his relations on another branch, Hans Francis Hastings who inherited the 13th earldom title of Huntingdon from his uncle the11th earl, made a strong claim based upon his pedigree which went back to his great-great grandfather Sir Henry Hastings of Humberstone Leics., the second son of Sir Henry Hastings of Eaton, Rutland/Leics., the 5th Earl of Huntingdon. Dr. Jones' claim for Michael Abney-Hastings comes down from the first son of the 5th earl.

A secondary royal claim is made here because Captain Peter Bass is the great grandson of Hans Francis Hastings the 12th earl. It is my contention that Hans Hastings had his pedigree researched back to early medieval time and that what was found did link him to 'Robin Hood' but this finding has been hidden from the public domain for fear of opening old wounds and casting further shadows over the accepted line of succession.

This, I hope, will soon be published as Modelling Robin Hood and will tie in well with Jones' claims.


1. 'Might is right', the crown was taken by the sword.
William Hastings the 'Captain of Calais', a great supporter of Edward IV, was arrested on trumped up charges and hastily executed by Richard Duke of Gloucester [later the popularly reviled Richard III]. The death of William Hastings as protector of Edward IV left the throne of England clear for Richard.
3. Geoff Boxell says,

Very interesting but of course our current sovereign lady (and her husband) are the true heirs of the English throne for they are both descended from King Harold II (Godwinson) via the Danish king Valdemar who in turn was descended from King Harold's daughter who married a Russian who became the Grand Duke of Muscovy (I have written a short paper on King Harold's family). The descendants of William the Bastard could openly claim the throne by conquest and their legitimacy only came about when Henry I married Edith of Scotland who was descended from King Alfred and the House of Wessex.


Recent findings about 'Robin Hood'


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Tim Midgley June 2004. Revised July 2004