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1.   Exploring Ancient History – The First 2500 Years

Part 1: The Pre-Flood World

3.  The Ways of Cain and Seth

4.  Lamech's Famous Family

5.  Tubalcain, Lamech, and the Significance of Myths

6.  The Pre-Flood Society

7.  The Doom of Pre-Flood Society

Part 2: The Four Lost Centuries

8.  After the Flood

9.  The Vast Scope of Noah's Work

10.  Prelude to Babel

11.  Babel: The Beginning of Civilization


2.   Who & Where is the True English Monarch?

Article 1.  Britain's Real Monarch

Article 2.  The True English Monarch


3.  Who is the false prophet


4.  Man of sin


5.  Son of perdition


6.  When does Jubilee commence


7.  Was the gospel preached to ancient Israel


8.  What is Prophecy


9.  What is the “new man” and does he sin


10. What is the meaning of trials


11. The Holy Spirit will not be available during the Millennium


12. Use of Second Tithe


13. Why do we count 50 days to Pentecost


14. What came before the angels


15. Could the remnant of Rev.12:17 be the 144,000


16. Place of safety


17. Are we to keep Purim


18. How old is the universe


19. What is “causing division in the church”


20. How a sundial can be used to follow God's Calendar


21. Will we be perfect spirit beings in the Kingdom of God


22. To whom should we tithe


23. Passover in the Old Testament


24. What CAN we eat during Unleavened Bread


25. The Feast of Unleavened Bread is for seven days, as is Feast of Tabernacles


26.  The Human Condition and its Restitution